Commit f3851641 authored by Ondrej Sury's avatar Ondrej Sury

dns-root-data 2017020200

parent e415631a
dns-root-data (2017020700) unstable; urgency=medium
dns-root-data (2017020200) unstable; urgency=medium
* Update to 2016102001 version of the
* Add KSK-2017 into root.key file
* Add KSK-2017 (valid from 2017-02-02) into root.key file
* Reduce number of IANA files as they don't exist at upstream anymore
* draft-icann-dnssec-trust-anchor is now RFC 7958
* Update all other IANA DNSSEC files to 2017-02-02 versions
* Strip the GPG verification as IANA doesn't provide the GPG signatures
* Rewrite DS creation check to xml2 and ldnsutils, as neither xmllint
nor bind9utils handle multiple DNSKEY in one file correctly
-- Ondřej Surý <> Wed, 22 Mar 2017 09:06:08 +0100
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