Commit 41f4216c authored by Felix Geyer's avatar Felix Geyer

Fix build failure with gogo/protobuf >= 1.2

parent 5bee6ded
Description: Since gogo/protobuf 1.2 unknown fields in proto3 are preserved.
This results in a XXX_unrecognized of type []byte to be created in the struct.
As a side effect the struct can't be used as a map key anymore, resulting in
a libnetwork build failure.
Fix this by setting goproto_unrecognized_all=false which suppresses this field.
Upstream doesn't have the problem because they have pinned an older version
of gogo/protobuf:
Author: Felix Geyer <>
@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ option (gogoproto.stringer_all) = true;
option (gogoproto.gostring_all) = true;
option (gogoproto.sizer_all) = true;
option (gogoproto.goproto_stringer_all) = false;
+option (gogoproto.goproto_unrecognized_all) = false;
// EndpointRecord specifies all the endpoint specific information that
// needs to gossiped to nodes participating in the network.
......@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@ go-metrics_prometheus-fix_Observer.patch
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