Commit 12ffef5d authored by Guillem Jover's avatar Guillem Jover

dpkg: Switch showdiff() to command_get_pager()

parent 47d2aef6
......@@ -567,15 +567,11 @@ showdiff(const char *old, const char *new)
pid = subproc_fork();
if (!pid) {
/* Child process. */
const char *pager;
char cmdbuf[1024];
pager = getenv("PAGER");
if (str_is_unset(pager))
sprintf(cmdbuf, DIFF " -Nu %.250s %.250s | %.250s",
str_quote_meta(old), str_quote_meta(new), pager);
str_quote_meta(old), str_quote_meta(new),
command_shell(cmdbuf, _("conffile difference visualizer"));
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