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doc: Update codying-style

Update C99 assumptions, refer to KNF, add link to the Linux CodingStyle,
add some notes about doxygen markup, add missing blank lines and fix
some more typos.
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Dpkg C coding style 2009-09-29
Dpkg C coding style 2012-05-24
C language extensions
......@@ -10,6 +10,8 @@ The code base assumes C89 plus the following C99 extensions:
* Trailing comma in enum.
* Variadic macros.
* Working bool type in <stdbool.h>.
* Working %j and %z printf modifiers.
* Magic __func__ variable.
Those are checked at build time, and it will abort in case a needed extension
is not supported.
......@@ -17,7 +19,12 @@ is not supported.
Most of the Linux CodingStyle applies.
The coding style is a mix of parts from KNF [K] and the Linux CodingStyle [L].
If in doubt or missing from this file please ask, although files using the
tab based indentation can be considered canon.
[K] <>
[L] <>
The code has a mix of an old coding style being phased out and the new
style. New files should use the new style, changes to files with the old
......@@ -37,7 +44,7 @@ On comments use UTF-8 characters for quotes, copyright symbols, etc.
On strings in code use simple or double quotes «''» «""». Not the unpaired
ones «`'». Strings marked for translation, should only be fixed if there's
other changes to be done on them, oterwise we get unneeded fuzzies.
other changes to be done on them, otherwise we get unneeded fuzzies.
......@@ -46,6 +53,42 @@ Code documentation
Public declarations should be documented using JavaDoc style comments.
Documentation should always be close to its definition (usually in the .c
or .cc files) and not its declaration, so that when the code changes it's
less likely that they will get out of sync. For data types, macros and
similar where there's only declarations, the documentation will usually
go instead in the header files.
For enum values and struct members, the documentation should usually be
one-line comments, preceding the item.
The comment title should be on the second line on its own, and the long
description on its own paragraph.
* This is the enum title.
enum value_list {
/** Value doing foo. */
/** Value doing bar. */
* This is the title.
* This is the long description extending several lines, explaining in
* detail what this item does.
* @param a This is the a parameter.
* @param b This is the b parameter.
* @return This is the return value.
Indentation, alignment and spacing
......@@ -77,7 +120,7 @@ Spaces between operators:
a = (b + 4 * (5 - 6)) & 0xff;
Spaces between asignments:
Spaces between assignments:
a += b;
......@@ -197,12 +240,14 @@ if ($foo) {
Perl version
We don't want to impose a too-recent Perl version, so only use features
supported by the Perl version that is currently in Debian oldstable when
possible. Currently that means Perl 5.8.8.
Object methods
Use a single line to retrieve all the arguments and use $self as name
for the current object:
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