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Update coding-style.txt to also cover the Perl code

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......@@ -162,3 +162,54 @@ see what operation is being done:
if (strcmp(a, b) < 0)
Dpkg Perl coding style 2010-05-10
In general you should follow the conventions listed in perlstyle(1).
All the code should run with the “use strict” and “use warnings” pragmas.
Code documentation
Public modules should be documented with POD (see perlpod(1)). Private
code doesn't have to use POD, simple comment lines (starting with "#") are
enough. Public scripts are documented in their corresponding manual pages.
Indentation, alignment and spacing
Lines should be 80 chars max. The indentation level is 4 characters, and
indentation is done with hard tabs (which should be considered to take 8
spaces width) and spaces.
if ($foo) {
if ($bar) {
print "Hello\n";
unless ($baz) {
print "Who are you?\n";
Perl version
We don't want to impose a too-recent Perl version, so only use features
supported by the Perl version that is currently in Debian oldstable when
possible. Currently that means Perl 5.8.8.
Object methods
Use a single line to retrieve all the arguments and use $self as name
for the current object:
sub do_something {
my ($self, $arg1, $arg2, %opts) = @_;
Supplementary optional arguments should be named and thus stored in a
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