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Commit 3cfb9e81 authored by Laura Arjona Reina's avatar Laura Arjona Reina

themes -> teams, thanks zobel for the review

parent a0cc3e5d
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ DebConf19 will be held in Curitiba, Brazil from July 21th to 28th, 2019. It
will be preceded by DebCamp, July 14th to 19th, and Open Day on the 20th.
DebConf is an amazing event where Debian contributors from all around the world
gather to present, discuss and work in themes around the Debian operating
gather to present, discuss and work in teams around the Debian operating
system. It is a great opportunity to get to know people responsible for the
success of the project and to witness a respectful and functional distributed
community in action.
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