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Title: Debian Cloud Sprint 2018
Slug: debian-cloud-sprint-2018
Date: 2018-12-09 12:00
Author: Tomasz Rybak
Tags: cloud, sprint
Status: draft
[Debian Cloud team]( met
for the third time in Seattle (USA) between 8th and 10th
of October 2018 for a [sprint](
Meeting was hosted by Amazon in its Seattle offices.
We discussed status of images on various platforms, especially in the
light of moving to [FAI]() as the only solution for build images on all the
cloud platforms. Building and testing workflows, as well as usage of
Debian machines for building, testing, storing, and publishing built
images was the next topic. This was partially caused of move of all
[repositories to Salsa](), which allows for better management of code
changes, especially reviewing new code.
In the recent time we made progress supporting cloud usage cases; grub
and kernel optimised for cloud images help with reducing boot time and
required memory footprint. There is also growing interest in non-x86
images, and FAI can now build such images.
We later discussed support of LTS images (discussion now continues on
[debian-cloud mailing list](
and providing many image variants. The latter
requires more advanced and automatic workflow, especially regarding
testing. Discussion also touched providing newer kernels and software
like cloud-init from backports. As there is growing interest in using
secure boot, we might cooperate with other team and use work on UEFI to
provide images signed boot loader and kernel.
Another topic of discussion was management of accounts used by Debian to
build and publish Debian images. [SPI]() will create and will be managing
such accounts for Debian, and shall manage user accounts (synchronised
with Debian accounts). Buster images should be published using those
new accounts. Our Cloud Team delegation proposal (prepared by Luca
Filliposi) was [accepted]() by the Debian Project Leader.
Sprint minutes are [available](,
including a summary and a list of things for individual members to take care of.
![Group photo of the participants in the Cloud Team Sprint](|filename|/images/cloud_sprint_2018.jpeg)
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