Set the cookie domain based on the HTTP domain.

Avoids issues with setting cookies on www-staging.d.o or other mirrors.

Fixes: commit eef0d122
parent eef0d122
......@@ -140,9 +140,9 @@
# Since Apache mod_rewrite cannot inspect POST data, we use URLs instead.
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule /intro/cn/setlang/([a-z]{2}(?:-[a-z]{2})?)/(.*) /$2 [last,redirect,cookie=lang:$]
RewriteRule /intro/cn/setlang/([a-z]{2}(?:-[a-z]{2})?)/(.*) /$2 [last,redirect,cookie=lang:$1:%{HTTP_HOST}:40320:/:secure:]
RewriteRule /intro/cn/unsetlang/(.*) /$2 [last,redirect,]
RewriteRule /intro/cn/unsetlang/(.*) /$2 [last,redirect,cookie=lang:invalid:%{HTTP_HOST}:-1:/:secure:]
SetEnvIf Cookie "lang=(.+)" prefer-language=$1
Header append Vary cookie
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