Commit 77606317 authored by Michael Fladischer's avatar Michael Fladischer Committed by Brian May

Remove upstream detection of installed celery

 Upstream tries to detect already installed versions of in order to
 remove the whole directory. This leads to ImportErrors during the tests.
Last-Update: 2013-09-03
Forwarded: no

Patch-Name: drop_downgrade.patch
parent 67532777
......@@ -23,38 +23,6 @@ CELERY_COMPAT_PROGRAMS = int(os.environ.get('CELERY_COMPAT_PROGRAMS', 1))
if sys.version_info < (2, 6):
raise Exception('Celery 3.1 requires Python 2.6 or higher.')
downgrade_packages = [
orig_path = sys.path[:]
for path in (os.path.curdir, os.getcwd()):
if path in sys.path:
import imp
import shutil
for pkg in downgrade_packages:
parent, module = pkg.rsplit('.', 1)
print('- Trying to upgrade %r in %r' % (module, parent))
parent_mod = __import__(parent, None, None, [parent])
_, mod_path, _ = imp.find_module(module, parent_mod.__path__)
if mod_path.endswith('/' + module):
print('- force upgrading previous installation')
print(' - removing {0!r} package...'.format(mod_path))
except Exception:
sys.stderr.write('Could not remove {0!r}: {1!r}\n'.format(
mod_path, sys.exc_info[1]))
except ImportError:
print('- upgrade %s: no old version found.' % module)
sys.path[:] = orig_path
NAME = 'celery'
entrypoints = {}
extra = {}
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