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    Import Debian changes 2.6.1-2 · 8b83c048
    Dirk Eddelbuettel authored
    r-base (2.6.1-2) unstable; urgency=low
      * debian/control: Replace Build-Depends: on'refblas3-dev | atlas3-base-dev' 
        with 'libblas-dev' to use the new gfortran-built BLAS libraries. Thanks 
        to Riku Voipio for the heads-up and patch.		(Closes: #461767)
      * debian/control: Likewise set the Depends: for the quasi-virtual
        r-base-dev on 'libblas-dev' to enfore use of the new BLAS.
      * debian/control: Update Standards-Version: to current value.
      * debian/{r-base-core,r-recommended}.lintian: Add a few silencers for
        the 'package-contains-empty-directory' warnings.
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