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    Pass more paths explicitly to configure · d1c705f9
    Andreas Henriksson authored
    These paths are otherwise looked up from PATH at build-time
    and embedded into shipped files. This means that for example
    on merge-usr systems tools are found in /usr/bin that on
    non-merged systems live in /bin.
    When building in a local dirty environment, they could of
    course be picked up from any other place also in PATH, like
    The additions in this commit fixes only the part of the reproducability
    problem related to merged-usr vs non-merged systems (but the package
    still doesn't build reproducably in general) and it only caters
    for the paths affected by merged-usr.... There might still be
    other paths that should also be specified explicitly that could
    be affected for other reasons than merged-usr in a local dirty
    build environment.
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    Merge branch 'repro-usrmerge' into 'master' · 67fbd023
    Dirk Eddelbuettel authored
    Pass more paths explicitly to configure
    See merge request !1
......@@ -244,9 +244,11 @@ configure-stamp:
R_SHELL=/bin/bash \
R_TEXI2DVICMD=emulation \
R_PAPERSIZE=letter \
R_BROWSER=xdg-open \
R_BZIPCMD=/bin/bzip2 \
R_GZIPCMD="/bin/gzip -n" \
PAGER=/usr/bin/pager \
PERL=/usr/bin/perl \
......@@ -254,8 +256,12 @@ configure-stamp:
R_UNZIPCMD=/usr/bin/unzip \
R_ZIPCMD=/usr/bin/zip \
R_PRINTCMD=/usr/bin/lpr \
TAR=/bin/tar \
LIBnn=lib \
AWK=/usr/bin/awk \
DD=/bin/dd \
GREP=/bin/grep \
SED=/bin/sed \
CC=$(compiler) \
CXX=${cxxcompiler} \
${fortrancompiler} \