Commit 84d02b47 authored by Dirk Eddelbuettel's avatar Dirk Eddelbuettel

Merge tag 'upstream/0.10-44'

Upstream version 0.10-44
parents 66f3f569 ab96fcea
2018-04-15 Kurt Hornik <>
* DESCRIPTION: New version is 0.10-44.
* R/test.R (jarque.bera.test): Fix problem spotted by
Alejandro Gómez <>.
2018-02-09 Kurt Hornik <>
* DESCRIPTION: New version is 0.10-43.
Package: tseries
Version: 0.10-43
Version: 0.10-44
Title: Time Series Analysis and Computational Finance
Authors@R: c(person("Adrian", "Trapletti", role = "aut",
email = ""),
......@@ -12,10 +12,10 @@ Depends: R (>= 2.10.0)
Imports: graphics, stats, utils, quadprog, zoo, quantmod (>= 0.4.9)
License: GPL-2
NeedsCompilation: yes
Packaged: 2018-02-09 12:54:29 UTC; hornik
Packaged: 2018-04-15 15:14:39 UTC; hornik
Author: Adrian Trapletti [aut],
Kurt Hornik [aut, cre],
Blake LeBaron [ctb] (BDS test code)
Maintainer: Kurt Hornik <>
Repository: CRAN
Date/Publication: 2018-02-09 13:17:18 UTC
Date/Publication: 2018-04-15 16:35:20 UTC
7f9f732f3d547f8381849c1e3b32eeac *ChangeLog
ca3e309983fbec5ee12d0bef1d5c1742 *DESCRIPTION
7d65c788c393ada6c6fb84d43abfaadc *ChangeLog
93d9149f9dfaa82a101320eb1f1b481f *DESCRIPTION
cdc8894457c6efd2f1e49cfa79272d7b *NAMESPACE
c5a452ce3d1b330e8f92670ac8f0de83 *R/arma.R
0d02a6e601f51ccf3b1f0d21f9ca0df2 *R/finance.R
72ee630e802dbee4b151d9d1efd31ca3 *R/garch.R
decf4a3134c069cf9d2dbc79b1b60706 *R/irts.R
68de29167466b62e700743549e7f77e4 *R/test.R
7c6da2661e64bca54164f7b34195869a *R/test.R
9db11950b82d51c34320a7baea82bd52 *R/tsutils.R
6474314852bc0951b0cc3848febd98dc *R/zzz.R
e311649f01da4c522be8ff61cb4776a2 *README
ae668b747bb45f6d0eb771d844ca1d1e *data/NelPlo.rda
17985544f7255f157a14ffa599d4d902 *data/USeconomic.rda
847490cdb1d331951d4d992c4417557e *data/bev.rda
54904b47da41815af25d477ab2eb159e *data/camp.rda
7b379c81fedde3003499277c7819934b *data/ice.river.rda
2e917b606b7fddf45677a62c81e175cc *data/nino.rda
16e075f1d5bd923178b38a6246f9e166 *data/tcm.rda
c916aa4a21f2bdff1561849eab5404e1 *data/tcmd.rda
7f6ad0ff2e50b54d2e7504273fc3cd30 *data/NelPlo.rda
8309f230b4b6bf1a2f8b07d91d392dc0 *data/USeconomic.rda
b7b5a733d5754caad200e1793d2a9da8 *data/bev.rda
16aac91060dbd981c6cd3805adb0abac *data/camp.rda
e5b9e27f480baaff643ea35a1aedc6ee *data/ice.river.rda
b7cf8e327fadbfed4e0b9fc38e703f21 *data/nino.rda
d34d786954b4a2a1572ad831126afa1c *data/tcm.rda
8ec8d004687dd2976895782bbff9c17d *data/tcmd.rda
ce27980f11ae3cdfe19a1da71b3db73e *inst/CITATION
39c832867f0093af08dba56ed7c89504 *man/NelPlo.Rd
a3fd00105442c79dbe9d8097b5877f40 *man/USeconomic.Rd
......@@ -534,11 +534,11 @@ function(x)
b1 <- (m3/m2^(3/2))^2
b2 <- (m4/m2^2)
STATISTIC <- n*b1/6+n*(b2-3)^2/24
names(STATISTIC) <- "X-squared"
names(PARAMETER) <- "df"
PVAL <- 1 - pchisq(STATISTIC,df = 2)
METHOD <- "Jarque Bera Test"
names(STATISTIC) <- "X-squared"
names(PARAMETER) <- "df"
structure(list(statistic = STATISTIC,
parameter = PARAMETER,
p.value = PVAL,
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