Commit 4bcd40bc authored by Christoph Berg's avatar Christoph Berg

Add test for recovery.conf in wrong location

... and drop tests for log_*_stats, these are not catched by
pg_ctlcluster anymore.
parent db907f21
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ require File::Temp;
use lib 't';
use TestLib;
use Test::More tests => 158;
use Test::More tests => 154;
use PgCommon;
my $version = $MAJORS[-1];
......@@ -124,6 +124,15 @@ like_program_out 'postgres', 'pg_lsclusters -h', 0, qr/down/, 'cluster is down';
is_program_out 'postgres', "pg_ctlcluster $version main stop", 2,
"Cluster is not running.\n", 'pg_ctlcluster stop fails on stopped cluster';
# recovery.conf in wrong location
open F, '>', "/etc/postgresql/$version/main/recovery.conf";
print F "\n";
close F;
like_program_out 'postgres', "pg_ctlcluster $version main start", 1,
qr/recovery.conf file found in config directory/,
'pg_ctlcluster start fails with recovery.conf in config directory';
unlink "/etc/postgresql/$version/main/recovery.conf";
# simulate crashed server
rename "/var/lib/postgresql/$version/main/",
"/var/lib/postgresql/$version/main/" or die "rename: $!";
......@@ -175,23 +184,7 @@ like_program_out 'postgres', 'pg_lsclusters -h', 0, qr/online/, 'cluster is onli
# start running server
is_program_out 'postgres', "pg_ctlcluster $version main start", 2,
"Cluster is already running.\n", 'pg_ctlcluster start fails on running cluster';
# stop server, test invalid configuration
is ((exec_as 'postgres', "pg_ctlcluster $version main stop"), 0, 'pg_ctlcluster stop');
PgCommon::set_conf_value $version, 'main', 'postgresql.conf',
'log_statement_stats', 'true';
PgCommon::set_conf_value $version, 'main', 'postgresql.conf',
'log_planner_stats', 'true';
like_program_out 'postgres', "pg_ctlcluster $version main start", 1,
qr/Error: invalid postgresql.conf.*log_.*mutually exclusive/,
'pg_ctlcluster start fails with invalid configuration';
# repair configuration
PgCommon::set_conf_value $version, 'main', 'postgresql.conf',
'log_planner_stats', 'false';
is_program_out 'postgres', "pg_ctlcluster $version main start", 0, '',
'pg_ctlcluster start succeeds again with valid configuration';
is_program_out 'postgres', "pg_ctlcluster $version main stop", 0, '', 'stopping cluster';
# backup pg_hba.conf
rename "/etc/postgresql/$version/main/pg_hba.conf",
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