Commit 5763c206 authored by Martin Pitt's avatar Martin Pitt

add invalid configuration test

parent 663d50d4
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ use strict;
use lib 't';
use TestLib;
use Test::More tests => 14;
use Test::More tests => 33;
use lib '/usr/share/postgresql-common';
use PgCommon;
......@@ -113,8 +113,20 @@ is ((exec_as 'postgres', "pg_ctlcluster $version main start", $outref), 1,
'pg_ctlcluster start fails on running cluster');
is $$outref, "Cluster is already running.\n", 'correct pg_ctlcluster error message';
# stop server, test various invalid configurations
is ((exec_as 'postgres', "pg_ctlcluster $version main stop", $outref), 0,
'pg_ctlcluster stop');
PgCommon::set_conf_value $version, 'main', 'postgresql.conf',
'log_statement_stats', 'true';
PgCommon::set_conf_value $version, 'main', 'postgresql.conf',
'log_planner_stats', 'true';
is ((exec_as 'postgres', "pg_ctlcluster $version main start", $outref), 1,
'pg_ctlcluster start fails with invalid configuration');
is $$outref, "Error: invalid postgresql.conf: log_statement_stats and the other log_*_stats options are mutually exclusive\n",
'correct pg_ctlcluster error message';
# remove cluster and directory
ok ((system "pg_dropcluster $version main --stop-server") == 0,
ok ((system "pg_dropcluster $version main") == 0,
ok_dir $socketdir, [], 'No sockets any more';
rmdir $socketdir or die "rmdir: $!";
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