Commit ba0adb2d authored by Christoph Berg's avatar Christoph Berg

t/170_extensions.t: Add dependencies of some extensions that might be installed on the system

parent 8cda2934
......@@ -37,6 +37,10 @@ my %depends = (
ltree_plpython2u => [qw(ltree plpython2u)],
ltree_plpython3u => [qw(ltree plpython3u)],
ltree_plpythonu => [qw(ltree plpythonu)],
# external extensions that might happen to be installed
db2fce => [qw(plpgsql)],
pldbgapi => [qw(plpgsql)],
unit => [qw(plpgsql)],
foreach (</usr/share/postgresql/$v/extension/*.control>) {
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