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    efl: improve X detection by Joel Klinghed. · 57090b2a
    Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri authored
    * Split out ecore_imf_xim to do its own check
    * Fixed problem with xcb's makekeys, no rule for
      $(top_builddir)/src/utils/ecore/makekeys$(EXEEXT) exists so make
      used an implicit rule (ignoring any cflags of course)
    * Fixed gl_x11 engine to build with either Xlib or XCB (xcb flags were
    * Added EFL_FIND_X and replace any used of AC_PATH_X{,TRA}.  First
      looks for Xorg pkg-config files then if those arn't found it falls
      back to old AC_PATH_X. Also generalized common header and lib
      checks.  Could probably use some polishing (the AC_CACHE_VAL cruft
      especially) but this is what I have time for tonight.
    Now X11 should be found on non-standard locations by means of xmkmf,
    --x-includes/--x-libraries and also pkg-config.
    SVN revision: 82475
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