Commit 073ecdbe authored by Al Poole's avatar Al Poole Committed by Andy Williams

elm_code: add support for go and markdown syntax.

parent 9db0d1f9
......@@ -80,6 +80,32 @@ static Elm_Code_Syntax _elm_code_syntax_eo =
"implements", "constructors", "get", "set", "keys", "values", "true", "false", "null"}
static Elm_Code_Syntax _elm_code_syntax_go =
{ "break", "case", "chan", "const", "default", "defer", "else", "fallthrough", "for", "func", "go", "goto", \
"if", "import", "interface", "map", "package", "range", "return", "select", "struct", "switch", "type", "var", \
"true", "false", "iota", "nil", \
"int", "int8", "int16", "int32", "int64", "uint", "uint8", "uint16", "uint32", "uint64", "uintptr", "float32", \
"float64", "complex64", "complex128", "bool", "byte", "rune", "string", "error", "make", "len", "cap", "new", "append", \
"copy", "close", "delete", "complex", "real", "imag", "panic", "recover", NULL }
static Elm_Code_Syntax _elm_code_syntax_md =
EAPI Elm_Code_Syntax *
elm_code_syntax_for_mime_get(const char *mime)
......@@ -94,6 +120,10 @@ elm_code_syntax_for_mime_get(const char *mime)
return &_elm_code_syntax_py;
if (!strcmp("text/x-eolian", mime))
return &_elm_code_syntax_eo;
if (!strcmp("text/markdown", mime))
return &_elm_code_syntax_md;
if (!strcmp("text/x-go", mime))
return &_elm_code_syntax_go;
return NULL;
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