Commit 30ab0a89 authored by Chris Michael's avatar Chris Michael

elementary: Remove logically dead code

Coverity reports that this is logically dead code. As eo_item has been
dereferenced on all paths leading here, and it is also set above, then
it cannot be NULL at this point, thus this check is logically dead.

Fixes Covierty CID1355585

Signed-off-by: default avatarChris Michael <>
parent fb09df79
......@@ -1544,8 +1544,7 @@ _elm_index_item_sorted_insert(Eo *obj, Elm_Index_Data *sd, const char *letter, E
elm_interface_atspi_accessible_children_changed_added_signal_emit(obj, eo_item);
if (!eo_item) return NULL;
else return eo_item;
return eo_item;
EOLIAN static Elm_Object_Item*
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