Commit 388fd352 authored by Stefan Schmidt's avatar Stefan Schmidt

release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.17.2 release

parent a7c11fd1
EFL 1.17.1
EFL 1.17.2
Changes since 1.17.1:
* evas: gif loader - fix out of bounds access on cmap of invalid pixels
* evas - gif loader - handle missing colormap
* evas sw render: cutout rects may be used in multiple threads (T3348)
* eina hash - fix stringshare key comparison function (T3638)
* efl - fix many bounds over/underflow where we use int for ptr cmp (T3638)
* examples: evas: add all needed files to SOURCES to make sure they are distributed
* ecore_x: fix emission of ECORE_X_EVENT_XKB_NEWKBD_NOTIFY
Changes since 1.17.0:
EFL_VERSION([1], [17], [1], [release])
EFL_VERSION([1], [17], [2], [release])
AC_INIT([efl], [efl_version], [])
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