Commit 3e0353f8 authored by Mike Blumenkrantz's avatar Mike Blumenkrantz


SVN revision: 65812
parent 573a9a5c
......@@ -546,3 +546,7 @@
* JPEG encode and decode in eet now uses ISLOW (not IFAST) due to
noticable quality losses in the chase for speed. It will use
IFAST for quality less than 60 when encoding
2011-12-02 Mike Blumenkrantz
* added eet_file_get to return the filename of an Eet_File
......@@ -774,6 +774,19 @@ eet_alias(Eet_File *ef,
const char *destination,
int compress);
* Retrieve the filename of an Eet_File
* @param ef A valid eet file handle opened for writing.
* @return The file opened with eet_open(), or NULL on error
* @note This function will return NULL for files opened with eet_memopen_read()
* @since 1.6
* @ingroup Eet_File_Group
EAPI const char *
eet_file_get(Eet_File *ef);
* Retrieve the destination name of an alias
* @param ef A valid eet file handle opened for writing
......@@ -1479,6 +1479,13 @@ eet_memopen_read(const void *data,
return ef;
} /* eet_memopen_read */
EAPI const char *
eet_file_get(Eet_File *ef)
if (eet_check_pointer(ef)) return NULL;
return ef->path;
EAPI Eet_File *
eet_open(const char *file,
Eet_File_Mode mode)
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