Commit 556082d2 authored by Stefan Schmidt's avatar Stefan Schmidt

release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.18.0-alpha2 release

parent 6108aa94
......@@ -1112,6 +1112,18 @@ Fixes:
* elementary: Fix issue of toggling border state causing visual jumps (T4092)
* elocation: properly generate pkgconfig file. (T4120)
* ecore_con: fix lookup of libcurl on OpenBSD. (T4130)
* eina rbtree iterator - fix leak found while debugging other problems
* evas - on shutdown avoid potential invalid memory access (T4103)
* edje_pick: copy dependent group
* elm flip - make it not crash and interactive mode work again
* edje_pick: reset alias flag for copied group
* evas: Fix missing breaks in switch (CID1347414, CID1347413)
* edje: Fix unchecked return value (CID1349867)
* eldbus: Check return value and error out if necessary (CID1355233)
* elementary: Remove logically dead code (CID1355585)
* elementary: Remove logically dead code (CID1356617)
* eina: Fix null pointer derefernce (CID1356625)
* elementary: Remove logically dead code (CID1357392)
Changes since 1.16.0:
EFL_VERSION([1], [18], [0], [release])
AC_INIT([efl], [efl_version-alpha1], [])
AC_INIT([efl], [efl_version-alpha2], [])
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