Commit 56ab90d0 authored by Cedric BAIL's avatar Cedric BAIL

eet: add eet_connection_empty.

This is needed to fix a bug when multiplexing eet_connection with something else.

SVN revision: 75651
parent c5fe5abf
......@@ -611,3 +611,7 @@
2012-08-09 Cedric Bail
* Don't copy string around for nothing.
2012-08-24 Cedric Bail
* Add eet_connection_empty.
......@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ Changes since Eet 1.6.0:
* Add code to detect overrun and underrun during Eet Data Descriptor setup.
* Add eet_connection_empty.
* Force destruction of all pending file when shuting down eet.
......@@ -4191,6 +4191,20 @@ eet_connection_received(Eet_Connection *conn,
const void *data,
size_t size);
* Tell if the Eet_Connection as received some partial data.
* @param conn Connection handler to request.
* @return EINA_TRUE if there is some data pending inside, EINA_FALSE otherwise.
* Eet_Connection buffer data until the received data can be unserialized correctly. This
* function let you know if there is some data inside that buffer waiting for more data to
* be received before being processed.
* @since 1.7
* @ingroup Eet_Connection_Group
EAPI Eina_Bool eet_connection_empty(Eet_Connection *conn);
* Convert a complex structure and prepare it to be send.
* @param conn Connection handler to track.
......@@ -169,6 +169,12 @@ _eet_connection_raw_send(Eet_Connection *conn,
return EINA_TRUE;
EAPI Eina_Bool
eet_connection_empty(Eet_Connection *conn)
return conn->size ? EINA_FALSE : EINA_TRUE;
EAPI Eina_Bool
eet_connection_send(Eet_Connection *conn,
Eet_Data_Descriptor *edd,
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