disable async mode (use sync mode) for ibus when keymap changes

so scenario:

1. use ibus
2. have at least english input and japanese input (or korean etc.)
3. have 2 kbd layouts (english and greek).
4. enable "use system keyboard layout" in ibus advanced settings
5. switch to english input mode
6. switch to greek key layout
7. type and get english, not greek input as you should

@fix for both terminology and elm/efl entry/ytext input.
parent 411b6345
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ struct _KeyEvent
int state;
static Eina_Bool _sync_mode_use = EINA_FALSE;
static Eina_Bool _sync_mode_use = EINA_TRUE;
static Ecore_IMF_Context *_focus_im_context = NULL;
static IBusBus *_bus = NULL;
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