Commit 8e898401 authored by Stefan Schmidt's avatar Stefan Schmidt

release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.18.2 release

parent dbcf8102
EFL 1.18.1
EFL 1.18.2
Changes since 1.18.1:
* efreet - fix command generation by fixing string buffer expansion
* elm_toolbar: Show icons in icon only mode
* Evas_Common: Fix typo.
* Evas_Device: Use eo_del() in evas_device_del().
* ecore_evas x - dont set withdrawn to fals on show but wait for wm state (T4699)
* ecore-evas - x fix intial iconified state so terminology -I works
* evas: Fix evas_object_smart_clipped_clipper_get
* epp: fix memory corruption when using #warning and #error
* fix edje_cc segv when compiling bling bling theme
Changes since 1.18.0:
EFL_VERSION([1], [18], [1], [release])
EFL_VERSION([1], [18], [2], [release])
AC_INIT([efl], [efl_version], [])
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