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release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.20.2 release

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EFL 1.20.1
Changes since 1.20.1:
* ecore-wl2: pass display to aux hint event_adds
* ecore-wl2: don't send null set_parent requests for every window
* ecore-wl2: sync aux hints after window creation
* efl-wl: block connection attempts from unmanaged clients
* wayland: fix min/max size setting
* efl-wl: do shm pool ref/unref for bm safety
* ecore-evas-wayland: update size when size hints are changed
* efl-wl: add handling for commit during canvas render
* efl-wl: set cursor surface roles
* theme: clip start gadget arrow to intended clipper
* edje crash with run program references - fix
* elm_win: simplify/fix recalc logic when changing csd
* elm_win: set shadow geometry based on borderless state
* ecore glib support - if we are not the main ctx owner loop to acquire
Changes since 1.20.0:
EFL_VERSION([1], [20], [1], [release])
EFL_VERSION([1], [20], [2], [release])
AC_INIT([efl], [efl_version], [])
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