Commit be0e727a authored by Jean-Philippe Andre's avatar Jean-Philippe Andre

evas: Fix GL engine

Broken by careless backport:

commit b97783d4
Author: Jean-Philippe Andre <>
Date:   Wed Oct 18 21:40:01 2017 +0900

    evas: Prevent crash with image_data_get

Yeah, it's me. Also no one else has tested 1.20 since, it seems :)
parent 8994330d
......@@ -685,7 +685,6 @@ _rotate_image_data(Render_Engine_GL_Generic *re, Evas_GL_Image *im1)
if ((w * h) <= 0) return NULL;
alpha = eng_image_alpha_get(re, im1);
gl_context = gl_generic_context_find(re, 1);
im2 = evas_gl_common_image_surface_new(gl_context, w, h, alpha, EINA_FALSE);
evas_gl_common_context_target_surface_set(gl_context, im2);
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