Commit cb77de8e authored by Cedric BAIL's avatar Cedric BAIL

* eet_data: Make eet_data_descriptor_free safe on NULL pointer.

SVN revision: 44368
parent 61e8284a
......@@ -279,3 +279,7 @@
* Include winsock2.h in eet_image.c for htonl definition on Windows.
* Fix Visual Studio project files
2009-12-11 Cedric BAIL
* Make eet_data_descriptor_free safe to call on NULL pointer.
......@@ -1317,6 +1317,7 @@ eet_data_descriptor_file_new(const Eet_Data_Descriptor_Class *eddc)
EAPI void
eet_data_descriptor_free(Eet_Data_Descriptor *edd)
if (!edd) return ;
if (edd->elements.set) free(edd->elements.set);
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