Commit d6d15cae authored by Mike Blumenkrantz's avatar Mike Blumenkrantz Committed by Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)

ecore-x: filter XkbNewKeyboardNotifyEvent before emitting ecore-x event

this is only relevant to watchers of the ecore-x event if there is a keycode

parent c9ea9b86
......@@ -2671,6 +2671,11 @@ _ecore_x_event_handle_xkb(XEvent *xevent)
xkbmapping = (XkbMapNotifyEvent *)xkbev;
XkbNewKeyboardNotifyEvent *xkbnkn = (void*)xkbev;
if (!(xkbnkn->changed & XkbNKN_KeycodesMask)) return;
ecore_event_add(ECORE_X_EVENT_XKB_NEWKBD_NOTIFY, NULL, free_hash, NULL);
eina_hash_add(emitted_events, &xkbev->new_kbd.serial, (void*) 1);
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