Commit dc00b38d authored by Carsten Haitzler's avatar Carsten Haitzler

update changelog for eet since it's 1.0!

SVN revision: 36233
parent 4fddcc38
......@@ -89,3 +89,22 @@
* Fix the dictionnary check during eet_open.
2008-08-22 Cedric BAIL
* Fix memory leaks in eet_data strings
2008-09-03 Cedric BAIL
* Fix inline-jpeg deocde to use mem buf, not tmp-file on platforms that
don't support mem_open() etc.
* Add eet_memopen_read() to be able to open an eet file already
mapped in memory (eg compiled-in or mmaped some other way).
2008-09-11 Cedric BAIL
* Improve hash generation speed for big files.
* Inline more functions explicitly for speed.
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