ecore evas init - init ecore then evas not the other way...

because as of... i don't know when, evas relies on ecore with
ecore_pipe_add to create the async fd... and if you init evas then
ecore this doesnt work. obviously. well now it isn't working. probably
due to new efl loop work. but the efl loop code is correct.
ecore_pipe_add should never work until you init ecore... it just
happesn to have managed to be gotten away with for a while.

parent 0d6123f6
......@@ -613,12 +613,12 @@ ecore_evas_init(void)
if (++_ecore_evas_init_count != 1)
return _ecore_evas_init_count;
if (!evas_init())
return --_ecore_evas_init_count;
if (!ecore_init())
goto shutdown_evas;
if (!evas_init())
return --_ecore_evas_init_count;
_ecore_evas_log_dom = eina_log_domain_register
if(_ecore_evas_log_dom < 0)
......@@ -704,8 +704,8 @@ ecore_evas_shutdown(void)
_ecore_evas_log_dom = -1;
return _ecore_evas_init_count;
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