Commit ec7f268c authored by Stefan Schmidt's avatar Stefan Schmidt

release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.18.0 release

parent ed5d0a12
......@@ -1176,6 +1176,20 @@ Fixes:
* edje_pick:set the correct compression for sample (T4314)
* evas smart obj delete on shutdown - fix weird child with null parent
* evas image update calculation - account for clipped color changes (T4246)
* elm_win: Fix ABI break with missing EAPIs (T4344)
* elm_image: Remove EAPI sizing_eval
* image: Remove all new EAPI that shouldn't exist (T4343)
* evas: Fix shader for text masking (T4338)
* evas textgrid: unset style when trying to load bold/italic (T4323)
* elementary: fix segmentation faults when using elm_prefs
* elm win - fix elm win center to actually center again
* evas table - handle recursive access to cols/rows where child frees
* evas smart obj - handle invalid object id's when scop data get is NULL
* evas gl x11 engine - fix buffer age symbol find and use
* glview: Mark draw_request as eo-only
* elm: Hide new init APIs behind BETA tag
* win: Mark two properties as eo-only
* elm: Remove _EFL_APP_VERSION_SET from ELM_MAIN
Changes since 1.16.0:
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