Commit fad8e90f authored by Mike Blumenkrantz's avatar Mike Blumenkrantz

Revert "elementary: Make wl frame borders above content"

This reverts commit 46904e19.

this breaks stacking entirely and prevents a large number of widgets from
ever becoming visible
parent 0364dc31
...@@ -3618,12 +3618,12 @@ _elm_win_frame_add(Efl_Ui_Win_Data *sd, const char *style) ...@@ -3618,12 +3618,12 @@ _elm_win_frame_add(Efl_Ui_Win_Data *sd, const char *style)
{ {
Evas_Object *obj = sd->obj; Evas_Object *obj = sd->obj;
int w, h, mw, mh; int w, h, mw, mh;
short layer; /* short layer; */
if (sd->frame_obj) return; if (sd->frame_obj) return;
sd->frame_obj = edje_object_add(sd->evas); sd->frame_obj = edje_object_add(sd->evas);
layer = evas_object_layer_get(obj); /* layer = evas_object_layer_get(obj); */
evas_object_layer_set(sd->frame_obj, layer + 1); /* evas_object_layer_set(sd->frame_obj, layer + 1); */
if (!elm_widget_theme_object_set if (!elm_widget_theme_object_set
(sd->obj, sd->frame_obj, "border", "base", style)) (sd->obj, sd->frame_obj, "border", "base", style))
{ {
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