1. 25 Jul, 2016 1 commit
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    • Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)'s avatar
      Revert the wobbly window code in wayland_egl engine - fun is over guys · 72438ab2
      Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman) authored
      So ok. haha. Amusing. But this is inappropriate.
      1. It's not an INTENDED effect in theme so unless the theme ius doing
      it - it shouldn't happen.
      2. There are places to do this and it's NOT inside an engine. There
      are high level filter and other mechanisms.
      3. Actually this shouldn't be even done client-side. It should be done
      compositor-side when moving a window around. Knowing velocity vector
      etc. is useful to a client so the protocol can stay but doing the
      animation client-side is "wrong". Some windows wobble and others do
      not based on toolkit? really? sure we have to live with the CSD
      difference but this? The compositor can do this JUYST fine. leave it
      to compositor... OR do this properly with filters client-side. e.g. a
      2d displacement map with evas filters would do the job as long as it
      interpolates. If you want a way of forcing ALL objects in the canvas
      to redirect to an intermediate buffer then do it up there at the
      canvas level. It then works in GL and software, as opposed to only GL.
      Also.... this is now causing issues for users:
      <memeka> hi, from
      i run EFL_WAYLAND_DISABLE_WWW=1 terminology -> but it crashes in
      wayland_egl/www.c in the setup_shaders function .... HELP?
      so the fun was fune until we do a release (now) and until this causes
      problems for users. Back to tried and tested code.
      If you want to do this... do it right at the portable layers above.
      Revert "wayland-egl: Fix use after free"
      Revert "wayland_egl: Fix redirect to texture"
      Revert "evas-wayland-egl: Add www protocol handling to wayland-egl engine"
      Revert "gl_common: Add API for redirecting render to texture"
      This reverts commit 2760afbb.
      This reverts commit c937248e.
      This reverts commit c67f50b4.
      This reverts commit 0f7f4b6d.
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    • Jean-Philippe Andre's avatar
      evas: Fix regeneration of shaders (normal and 3d) · 30ba6bfc
      Jean-Philippe Andre authored
      This will trigger a re-run of the shaders shell scripts even
      in case of out-of-tree builds. BUILT_SOURCES is used here
      because for whatever reason make does not rebuild the .x targets
      in case of out-of-tree builds (even if the timestamps of
      the dependencies have changed).
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    • Daniel Hirt's avatar
      Canvas Text: continue porting api and fixup bugs · ed512ea4
      Daniel Hirt authored
      Also: This merges style user and normal style into a list with precedence. This
      allows for more flexibility while keeping the API clean.
    • Tom Hacohen's avatar
      Canvas text cursor: introduce this new object · c297ff41
      Tom Hacohen authored
      The text cursor is now an eo object. Consult the efl_canvas_text_cursor.eo file
      for the API.
    • Daniel Hirt's avatar
      Canvas text: introduce new text object · 3a6c648d
      Daniel Hirt authored
      The implementation depends on creating different code paths from the now-legacy
      behavior of text appending.
      The annotation system introduced in this commit replaces the current way of
      applying formats on text.
      Up until now it has been quite a hassle for the user to control the formats, as
      it required keeping track of the format positions with an opener and closer
      formats almost every time (with the exception of own-closing formats).
      The combination of Efl.Text API along with the Efl.Canvas.Text annotation API
      essentially replaces the capabilities of the old format.
      There is additional annotation API to allow more control, so be sure to check
      the documentation/.eo files and the wiki page of Efl.Canvas.Text.
      The style API now accepts actual strings of format style. There is not longer
      need to instantiate as style with style_new() followed later by style_free().
    • Vincent Torri's avatar
      Disable XCF module on Windows · de0d69ea
      Vincent Torri authored
      Summary: This fixes compilation on Windows: timeout.c is using SIGALRM which is unavailable on Windows
      Test Plan: compilation
      Reviewers: cedric, jpeg, stefan_schmidt
      Differential Revision: https://phab.enlightenment.org/D4058
    • Jean-Philippe Andre's avatar
      Efl: Move Efl.Canvas to efl/interfaces · d97c07d6
      Jean-Philippe Andre authored
      Not sure this is a good name for this interface, but it
      definitely doesn't belong inside lib/evas/
      Thanks Jiyoun for the question / report :)
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    • Tom Hacohen's avatar
      Generic modules: Fix out of source build. · 7c187acb
      Tom Hacohen authored
      Autotools really really really sucks.
      Because of the above, we need to manually list both source dirs and
      build dirs, because some of the include files are in the source dirs and
      some are in the build dir (generated).
  17. 02 Jun, 2016 2 commits