1. 04 Jul, 2017 2 commits
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    • Mike Blumenkrantz's avatar
      build: enable examples build by default · b58629bb
      Mike Blumenkrantz authored
      the previous method of forcing this to be enabled for dist builds caused
      breaks when the original configure disabled examples, as the little-known
      DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS variable would need to also be set to disable
      examples even though the user would think they were disabled based on configure
    • Mike Blumenkrantz's avatar
      build: fix examples dist based on various configure flags · ded5b1e7
      Mike Blumenkrantz authored
      this would previously break if:
      * cxx bindings were disabled
      * elua was disabled
      * base configure disabled examples and dist build disabled examples
      * base configure disabled examples and dist build enabled examples
      it still breaks if:
      * base configure disables examples and dist build enables examples
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    • Stefan Schmidt's avatar
      build: fix distcheck by removing files manually · 0cea935d
      Stefan Schmidt authored
      These files are not getting cleaned up as they are not integrated into the rest
      of our build system. These are the extra makefiles to build build only eina, eo,
      The trick with -C clean does not work here for me and this is the only way I
      found to get a distcheck going through. Which is kinda important given we want to
      do the first alpha tarballs for 1.18 next Monday.
  12. 28 May, 2016 1 commit
    • Jean Guyomarc'h's avatar
      autotools: improve libunwind detection · fc744754
      Jean Guyomarc'h authored
      Libuwind may not be shipped with a pkg-config file.
      It can be distributed on the system, but the autotools
      would fail to detect it because it relied only on pkg-config.
      We now first check with pkg-config, and then try to compile and
      link a program using libuwind to see if it is supported anyway.
      This is a first step towards a working eina_log_backtrace on
      Mac OS X.
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    • Nicolas Aguirre's avatar
      evas: add eglfs evas module. · 290fc88e
      Nicolas Aguirre authored
      EGL Fullscreen is a module intended to support many proprietary GL driver that come
      with custom API to create framebuffer/window. This one is starting by covering Android
      with libhybris/hwcomposer. Later on, it should be able to support easily the Raspberry Pi
      At this moment this does not work properly. Activate it at your own risk ! Do not report
      bug if you don't know what you are doing :-) A backend for Ecore_Evas will come later on
      along with a patch for Ecore_FB to use libinput. Finally a few patch should hopefully
      enable this backend to work and compile more easily (relying on proper header detection
      and dlopen/dlsym for access to proprietary function).
      You can read more about the goal of this patch by reading our wiki at :
      https://phab.enlightenment.org/w/boot2efl/Signed-off-by: default avatarCedric Bail <cedric@osg.samsung.com>
  20. 09 Mar, 2016 1 commit
    • Stefan Schmidt's avatar
      build coverage: make coverage numbers more accurate by using a baseline · 3666d149
      Stefan Schmidt authored
      The lcov tool offers the functionality to have an initial run over the code base
      before the tests are executed to make sure it catches all files, even the ones
      that are not loaded during the test run.
      This is something we missed so far. The reports have only been in relation to
      the files that actually have been loaded during the test. We missed quite a
      few files which made our numbers inaccurate. Things like
      modules/emotion/gstreamer1 have no tests yet and thus never showed up in the
      coverage report. While it has 103 functions and over thousand lines which need
      to get covered. With the baseline this is handled now. Thanks goes to the folks
      at LibreOffice who described their lcov setup here:
      New numbers are lower now as we count in all the files never loaded which
      decreases our percentages.
      Overall coverage rate:
        lines......: 30.2% (65119 of 215841 lines)
        functions..: 34.0% (6361 of 18733 functions)
        branches...: 23.6% (35627 of 151096 branches)
  21. 04 Mar, 2016 1 commit
    • Stefan Schmidt's avatar
      build: finally enable branch coverage in our lcov-check target · 0dca7679
      Stefan Schmidt authored
      This has been a long standing issue and I finally figured out the details to
      get this working. Since we started with coverage there always have been some
      problems to get branch coverage work (problems with older gcc versions, lcov
      not taking them into account, etc)
      The last detail that made me go nuts was that in my lcov version (1.10) there
      is a bug which leads to geninfo not applying the config file and thus not
      enabling the branch coverage like I defined in the config. I added the
      --rc option to work around this case.
      In my local run I get this now from lcov-check:
      Overall coverage rate:
        lines......: 35.5% (65814 of 185169 lines)
        functions..: 44.6% (7661 of 17195 functions)
        branches...: 22.7% (31492 of 138942 branches)
      So we have 22.7% branch coverage right now.
      The vivid followers of my QA mails will also see the difference in numbers for
      line and function coverage if one comapres my local results and the one on
      Jenkins. This is another long standing issue and I need to figure out these
      details next. :)
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    • Felipe Magno de Almeida's avatar
      efl-js: JavaScript Eolian binding · a3db1ddd
      Felipe Magno de Almeida authored
      To configure efl sources with bindings to use in nodejs add ––with-js=nodejs in configure flags to generate node files
      $ configure --with-js=nodejs
      and compile normally with:
      $ make
      $ make install
      To use, you have to require efl:
      efl = require('efl')
      The bindings is divided in two parts: generated and manually
      written. The generation uses the Eolian library for parsing Eo files
      and generate C++ code that is compiled against V8 interpreter library
      to create a efl.node file that can be required in a node.js instance.
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  29. 24 Jun, 2015 2 commits
    • Seunghun Lee's avatar
      ecore-buffer: fix that installing pkgconfig when ecore_buffer is enabled. · eff0e379
      Seunghun Lee authored
      Summary: ecore-buffer.pc file should be installed when ecore_buffer is enabled.
      Reviewers: gwanglim, devilhorns
      Reviewed By: devilhorns
      Subscribers: cedric
      Differential Revision: https://phab.enlightenment.org/D2761
    • Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)'s avatar
      efl - efreetd service move from dbus session bus to ecore ipc · 5abfefe9
      Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman) authored
      this fixes warnings about no efreet dbus session bus in non session
      environments as brought up on the mailing lists with:
      Subject: Re: [E-devel] [EGIT] [core/efl] master 01/01: edje: unset
      efreet cache update flag to prevent dbus connections
      this moves all of efreetd client and server to ecore ipc, with client
      auto-launching efreetd if not found as a service and trying for up to
      500ms to connect. efreetd times out on last connection or no
      connections after 10sec so it wont hang around forever if not in use.
      it seems to work in my testing, so let me know if there is an issue.
  30. 22 Jun, 2015 1 commit
    • Seunghun Lee's avatar
      ecore-buffer: Add ecore_buffer library to EFL. · 8b621775
      Seunghun Lee authored
      Ecore_Buffer is abstraction of graphic buffer.
      it supports backend of shm, x11_dri2 and x11_dri3 for now,
      and this library also provides method to share buffers between processes.
      Ecore_Buffer_Provider and Ecore_Buffer_Consumer is for this, sharing buffer.
      provider draws something in to Ecore_Buffer, and consumer receives and displays it.
      the binary, bq_mgr is a connection maker for buffer provider and consumer.
      it can be included Enlightenment as a deamon later.
      Test Plan:
      1. Configure with --enable-ecore-buffer and --enable-always-build-examples to build examples.
      2. Run bq_mgr, it connects consumer and provider.
      3. Run ecore_buffer_provider_example and ecore_buffer_consumer_example
      Reviewers: lsj119, gwanglim, cedric, zmike, jpeg, raster, devilhorns
      Subscribers: cedric
      Differential Revision: https://phab.enlightenment.org/D2197
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