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    • Jean-Philippe Andre's avatar
      check: Bump version to 0.9.10 and change macro · bc38a4c6
      Jean-Philippe Andre authored
      Changing ck_assert_ptr_nonnull() to ck_assert_ptr_ne() in order to
      require "only" check >= 0.9.10. ck_assert_ptr_nonnull() was
      introduced in 0.11.0. ck_assert_ptr_ne() is already used a lot
      in the test suite so a recent version of check is required.
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    • Stefan Schmidt's avatar
      bump minimum version requirement of freetype2 to 16.2.10 which equals release · 4029b99b
      Stefan Schmidt authored
      For this one I feel like I earned an archaeologist medal. :-)
      This is related to the commit raster made in aa92cddb to accommodate for older
      freetype version. The TT_INTERPRETER_VERSION_35 define was actually introduced
      in the release 2.5.0 which was released in June 2013 which means it had almost
      4 years to get picked up. I would consider this safe to be a minimum dependency
      for current efl versions.
      The trick here is that the release version does not match the library version
      spit out by pkg-config. 16.2.10 equals the freetype release in this case.
      Better make a note about it in configure for the next poor soul trying to
      understand this.
      Thanks again to llelectronics for reporting this.
      Fix T5437
    • Stefan Schmidt's avatar
      build: bump minimum version requirement of gnutls to 3.3.6 · 88faca55
      Stefan Schmidt authored
      This releases offers the gnutls_certificate_set_x509_trust_dir() API we use in
      ecore_con. This gnutls version was release in July 2014 which gave it enough
      time to be picked up by distributions.
      Thanks a lot to llelectronics for reporting and tracking down the problem.
      ref T5437
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    • Derek Foreman's avatar
      ecore: Don't call _ecore_fd_valid() in release builds · 44804a95
      Derek Foreman authored
      Not sure _ecore_fd_valid() is all that useful anymore, as the
      commit that introduced it said it would be removed "before release"
      a long time ago - it's a debug assist that probably doesn't need
      to be in release builds.
      (I'm counting syscalls on rpi3 - still, calling this an optimization
      seems like a bit of a stretch.)
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    • Stefan Schmidt's avatar
      Revert "build: enable -Wfloat-equal for compiling" · 877f55e1
      Stefan Schmidt authored
      This reverts commit 25792d64.
      100 patches later the build output is still noisy with all these warnings.
      I'm happy to see this warnings added to the default CFLAGS once the current
      warnings have been dealt with.
      Enable this warning in the local CFLAGS, get the current warnings fixed,
      add it to the efl default flags to make the warning prominent for newly added
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    • Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri's avatar
      efl_net_{control,session}: allow "none" backend. · db4d4f8c
      Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri authored
      Since connman is specific to linux, on other platforms just compile a
      dummy "none" backend that will always report online and no other
      details. This will be used in Windows, MacOS and other platforms that
      still lack a proper backend.
      The compile-time infrastructure also allows for networkmanager to be
      added with ease, simply copy "efl_net*-none.c" or "efl_net*-connman.c"
      to be a starting point and then add its specifics, adapting
      configure.ac and Makefile_Ecore_Con.am
  30. 17 Nov, 2016 1 commit
    • Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)'s avatar
      Revert "efl: disable backtrace for release too." · 56fd30f6
      Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman) authored
      This reverts commit dc7806e6.
      NO. python does it out6 of the box by default. fix the error if you
      have one and stop just "turning off the noise". the point of
      having this is so that a REAL "why" can be provided by a user by
      putting it through eina_btlog and you can see HOW the error happened
      at least as a backtrace. turning it off "unless you sety environment
      vars" is STUPID. especially for users of e who will likely be unable
      to do this a they jusr use a display manager to launch e and cant just
      "change environment vars" because they dont know how. you have just
      made things worse for getting information fromt he people LEAST
      capable of providing information which is where we need automated ways
      of doing this "the most".
      i use this backtrace all the time. every week or so i identify an
      issue just by this built in trace so i know HOW we called that func
      because the err complaint was utterly useless as it didnt tell me the
      caller etc. which i needed to know "why". this also solves a valid
      complain that if you are developibng with efl and e.g. use a legacy
      func and pass in an invalid ob you need to know what CALLED the legacy
      func. often the issue is several levels up. its the silent masses who
      appreciate the feature and use it or then DONT complain. this allows
      them to know what the SOURCE of the error is and notjust where it ends
      up and this should be done by default out of the box regardless of it
      being long because providing more informations is always better than
      less. do you propose that kernel oopses should cease dumping all
      registers and half a screen worth of junk because "well just set a
      kernel boot param to turn it on next time". no. go propose that python
      turn off their backtraces by default unless you set and env var. get
      these groups to agree to do this, then i'll believe you that this is
      TRULYU annoying and not useful and should be off.
      you do this just because a few peolpe complain about an error happening
      that "SHOULD NOT BE THERE". then FIX THE ERROR. the bt if provided should
      nicely provde complete info on how you got there. just making the
      error a 1 liner (and those lines are super long and for me 90% of the
      time wrap 2 or 3 lines in a terminal) is just sticking your head in
      the sand. if its not an error then dont use an eina ERROR use debug or
      warn or something else...
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