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    api: api_info()['version'] · c5f5f427
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    API level is disconnected from NVIM version. The API metadata holds the
    current API level, and the lowest backwards-compatible level supported
    by this instance.
    Release 0.1.6 is the first release that reports the Nvim version and API
        metadata['version'] = {
          major: 0,
          minor: 1,
          patch: 6,
          api_level: 1,
          api_compatible: 0,
          api_prerelease: false,
    The API level may remain unchanged across Nvim releases if the API has
    not changed.
    When changing the API,
        - set NVIM_API_PRERELEASE to true
        - increment NVIM_API_LEVEL (at most once per Nvim version)
        - adjust NVIM_API_LEVEL_COMPAT if backwards-compatibility was broken
    api_level_0.mpack was generated from Nvim 0.1.5 with:
        nvim --api-info
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