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    Add automatic generation of headers · 70929f7e
    ZyX authored
    - The 'stripdecls.py' script replaces declarations in all headers by includes to
      generated headers.
      `ag '#\s*if(?!ndef NEOVIM_).*((?!#\s*endif).*\n)*#ifdef INCLUDE_GENERATED'`
      was used for this.
    - Add and integrate gendeclarations.lua into the build system to generate the
      required includes.
    - Add -Wno-unused-function
    - Made a bunch of old-style definitions ANSI
    This adds a requirement: all type and structure definitions must be present
    before INCLUDE_GENERATED_DECLARATIONS-protected include.
    Warning: mch_expandpath (path.h.generated.h) was moved manually. So far it is
    the only exception.
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