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    Move po generation from Make to CMake. · 531ded78
    John Szakmeister authored
    Fixes #902: localization build: `install`, `uninstall`, `prefixcheck
    targets.  All the language-related bits will now build under CMake.
    Changes include:
      * Moving all non-generated sources into the NEOVIM_SOURCES variable
        to aid in generating the .pot file.
      * Moving a couple generated sources from NEOVIM_SOURCES and into
      * Added NEOVIM_HEADERS to the executable and the library for folks who
        are using something other than Ninja or makefiles (that way the
        headers will show up in the IDE files).
      * Now uses gettext's `--update` switch to update the .po files, rather
        than doing a fragile `mv` dance that could leave you with a broken
        working tree if you press CTRL-C at the right time.
      * Creates `update-po-${LANG}` targets for updating individual
        languages, just like the original Makefile.
      * Also adds the `update-po` target for updating all the languages.
      * Ported the `check-${LANG}` style targets.  They're
        `check-po-${LANG}` under CMake.
      * Handles all the one-off instances that were in the original
        Makefile.  Fixed up ko.UTF-8.po to include the "Original
        translation" line like other .po files to make the generation of the
        "Generate from ..." comments consistent.  Updated ko.po with the new
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