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    Travis: Refactor CI files, use container infrastructure. · d2eb4a93
    Florian Walch authored
     * Split build steps to utilize the Travis build lifecycle.
     * Move shell code from `.travis.yml` into Bash files in `.ci/`,
       one file for each step of the Travis build lifecycle.
     * Use configuration variables in `.travis.yml` to change
       build behavior (e.g. build 32-bit with `BUILD_32BIT=ON`).
     * Keep all configuration in environment variables in
       `.travis.yml`. In scripts, concatenate environment variables
       according to configuration to change to different behavior.
     * Add GCC 5 builds for Linux.
     * Use Travis's caching feature [1] for third-party dependencies
       and pip packages.
     * Allow failures MSan, as the errors it reports have to be
       fixed first.
    Valgrind is still disabled, but can be enabled by setting
    `env: VALGRIND=ON` for a job in `.travis.yml`.
    [1] http://docs.travis-ci.com/user/caching
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