Commit bbfdb84a authored by Justin M. Keyes's avatar Justin M. Keyes

build: Do not force busted into front of $PATH

This was a workaround from long ago, but it doesn't seem to be needed
anymore. And it breaks the $PATH on the Windows build (AppVeyor CI).

After this change python3 (and 2) is correctly detected on AppVeyor CI.

References #5946
parent 611411bf
get_filename_component(BUSTED_DIR ${BUSTED_PRG} PATH)
set(ENV{NVIM_RPLUGIN_MANIFEST} ${WORKING_DIR}/Xtest_rplugin_manifest)
set(ENV{XDG_CONFIG_HOME} ${WORKING_DIR}/Xtest_xdg/config)
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ cimport('./src/nvim/os/shell.h')
local fs = cimport('./src/nvim/os/os.h')
local fs = cimport('./src/nvim/os/os.h', './src/nvim/path.h')
......@@ -77,11 +77,9 @@ describe('fs function', function()'test.file', 'unit-test-directory/test_link.file', true)'non_existing_file.file', 'unit-test-directory/test_broken_link.file', true)
-- Since the tests are executed, they are called by an executable. We use
-- that executable for several asserts.
-- The tests are invoked with an absolute path to `busted` executable.
absolute_executable = arg[0]
-- Split absolute_executable into a directory and the actual file name for
-- later usage.
-- Split the absolute_executable path into a directory and filename.
directory, executable_name = string.match(absolute_executable, '^(.*)/(.*)$')
......@@ -194,11 +192,8 @@ describe('fs function', function()
it('returns the absolute path when given an executable inside $PATH', function()
-- Since executable_name does not start with "./", the path will be
-- selected from $PATH. Make sure the ends match, ignore the directories.
local _, busted = string.match(absolute_executable, '^(.*)/(.*)$')
local _, name = string.match(exe(executable_name), '^(.*)/(.*)$')
eq(busted, name)
local fullpath = exe('ls')
eq(1, fs.path_is_absolute_path(to_cstr(fullpath)))
it('returns the absolute path when given an executable relative to the current dir', function()
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