health/provider: Check for available pynvim when neovim module missing

Adapt the checks so we can still report when the pynvim module is
present but the neovim module is missing.
parent edeb19d5
......@@ -415,17 +415,18 @@ function! s:check_python(version) abort
call health#report_info('Python version: ' . pyversion)
if s:is_bad_response(status)
call health#report_info(printf('pynvim version: %s (%s)', current, status))
call health#report_info(printf('pynvim version: %s', current))
let [module_found, _msg] = provider#pythonx#CheckForModule(python_bin,
\ 'neovim', a:version)
if !module_found
\ 'pynvim', a:version)
if status !=? '^outdated' && module_found
" neovim module was not found, but pynvim was
call health#report_error('Importing "neovim" failed.',
\ "Reinstall \"pynvim\" and optionally \"neovim\" packages.\n" .
\ pip ." uninstall pynvim neovim\n" .
\ pip ." install pynvim\n" .
\ pip ." install neovim # only if needed by third-party software")
call health#report_info(printf('pynvim version: %s', current))
if s:is_bad_response(current)
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