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      NVIM v0.3.2 · 4dd3fc4c
      Justin M. Keyes authored
      Besides the "visible" improvements, this release features numerous
      internal improvements to the UI/screen code and test infrastructure.
      Numerous patches were merged from Vim, which are not mentioned below.
      07ad5d71 clipboard: Support custom VimL functions #9304
      725da1fe #9401 win/TUI: Improve terminal/console support
      7a8dadbe #9077 startup: Use $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS/nvim/sysinit.vim if it exists
      feec9266 #9299 support <cmd> mapping in more places
      0653ed63 #9028 diff/highlight: Show underline for low-priority CursorLine
      bddcbbb5 signs: Add "numhl" argument #9113
      05f9c7c2 clipboard: support Wayland (#9230)
      14ae3945 #9052 TUI: add support for undercurl and underline color
      4fa3492a #9023 man.vim: soft (dynamic) wrap #9023
      8b39e4ec #6920 API: implement object namespaces
      b1aaa0a8 API: Implement nvim_win_set_buf() #9100
      8de87c7b #8180 API: virtual text annotations (nvim_buf_set_virtual_text)
      2b9fc9a1 #8660 API: add nvim_buf_is_loaded()
          API: buf_get_lines, buf_line_count handle unloaded buffers
      88f77c28 API: nvim_buf_get_offset_for_line
      94841e5e API/UI: #8221 ext_newgrid, ext_hlstate
          (use line-based rather than char-based updates)
      b5cfac08 #8806 TUI: use BCE again more often, (smoother resizes/scrolling)
      77b5e9ae #9315 screen: add missing status redraw when redraw_later(CLEAR) was used
      5f15788d TUI: clip invalid regions on resize (#8779), fixes #8774
      c936ae0f #9193 TUI: improvements for scrolling and clearing
      f2042745 #9143 UI: disable clearing almost everywhere
      f4b2b666 #9079 TUI: always use safe cursor movement after resize
      d36afafc #9211 ui_options: also send when starting or from OptionSet
      67f80d48 TUI: Avoid reset_cursor_color in old VTE #9191
      e55ebae3 #9021 don't erase screen on `:hi Normal` during startup
      c5790d91 #8915 TUI: Hint wrapped lines to terminals.
      231de725 RPC: turn errors from async calls into notifications
      907ad921 TUI: Restore terminal title via "title stacking" (#9407)
      cb76a8a9 genappimage: Unset $ARGV0 at invocation #9376
      b48efd9b #9347 TUI: FreeBSD: Improve support for BSD vt console
      c16529af TUI: Konsole 18.07.70 supports DECSCUSR (#9364)
      aec096fc os/lang: use the correct LC_NUMERIC also for OS X
      5fee0be9 provider: improve error message (#9344)
      3c42d7a1 TUI: alacritty supports set_cursor_color #9353
      7bff9a5d TUI: Alacritty supports DECSCUSR (#9048)
      57acfcea macOS: infer primary language if $LANG is empty #9345
      bc132ae1 runtime/syntax: Fix highlighting of augroup contents (#9328)
      715fdfee #9297 VimL/confirm(): Show dialog even if :silent
      799d9c32 clipboard: Prefer xclip (#9302)
      6dae7776 provider/nodejs: fix npm,yarn detection
      16bc1e9c #9218 channel: avoid buffering output when only terminal and no callbacks are active
      72fecad1 #8804 Fix crash in lang_init() on macOS if lang_region = NULL
      d5813987 ruby: detect rbenv shims for other versions (#8733)
      e568ac7a #9123 third-party/unibilium: Fix parsing of extended capability entries
      c4c74c38 jobstart(): Fix hang on non-executable cwd #9204
      1cf50cbf provider/nodejs: Simultaneously query npm and yarn #9054
      6c496db4 undo: Fix infinite loop if undo_read_byte returns EOF #2880
      f8f83579 #9034 'swapfile: always show dialog'
      c236e80c #9024 --embed: wait for UI unless --headless
      180b50dd #9248 python: 'neovim' module was renamed to 'pynvim'
      2000b6a6 #8589 VimL: Remove legacy aliases "v:errmsg", "v:shell_error", "v:this_session"
      deb18a05 defaults: background=dark #2894 (#9205)
      c1187d4a defaults: win: 'shellpipe' for cmd.exe (#8827)
  3. 30 Dec, 2018 15 commits
    • Marvim the Paranoid Android's avatar
    • Marvim the Paranoid Android's avatar
      version.c: update [ci skip] (#9275) · 82a92308
      Marvim the Paranoid Android authored
      vim-patch:8.0.0428: git and hg see new files after running tests
      vim-patch:8.0.0429: options test does not always test everything
      vim-patch:8.0.0430: options test fails or hangs on MS-Windows
      vim-patch:8.0.0436: running the options test sometimes resizes the terminal
      vim-patch:8.0.0488: running tests leaves an "xxx" file behind
      vim-patch:8.0.0585: test_options fails when run in the GUI
      vim-patch:8.1.0558: some MS-Windows instructions are outdated
      vim-patch:8.1.0565: asan complains about reading before allocated block
      vim-patch:8.1.0566: SGR not enabled for mintty because $TERM is "xterm"
      vim-patch:8.1.0567: error for NUL byte in ScreenLines goes unnoticed
      vim-patch:8.1.0568: error message for NUL byte in ScreenLines breaks Travis CI
      vim-patch:8.1.0577: tabpage right-click menu never shows "Close tab"
      vim-patch:8.1.0578: cannot disable arabic, rightleft and farsi in configure
      vim-patch:8.1.0587: GvimExt: realloc() failing is not handled properly
      vim-patch:8.1.0589: compilation error in gvimext.cpp
      vim-patch:8.1.0592: the libvterm tests are not run as part of Vim tests
      vim-patch:8.1.0593: illegal memory access in libvterm test
      vim-patch:8.1.0594: libvterm tests fail to run on Mac
      vim-patch:8.1.0595: libvterm tests are not run with coverage
      vim-patch:8.1.0597: cannot run test_libvterm from the top directory
      vim-patch:8.1.0598: indent tests may use the wrong Vim binary
      vim-patch:8.1.0605: running make in the top directory echoes a comment 
      vim-patch:8.1.0606: 'cryptmethod' defaults to a very old method
      vim-patch:8.1.0607: proto files are not in sync with the source code
      vim-patch:8.1.0608: coverals is not updating
      vim-patch:8.1.0609: MS-Windows: unused variable, depending on the Ruby version
      vim-patch:8.1.0610: MS-Windows ctags file list differs from Unix
      vim-patch:8.1.0616: NSIS installer is outdated
      vim-patch:8.1.0617: NSIS installer gets two files from the wrong directory
      vim-patch:8.1.0620: overuling CONF_ARGS from the environment no longer works
      vim-patch:8.1.0624: overuling CONF_ARGS from the environment still does not work
      vim-patch:8.1.0628: Compiler warning on MS-Windows.
      vim-patch:8.1.0635: Coverity complains about null pointer use
      vim-patch:8.1.0637: nsis file no longer used
      vim-patch:8.1.0646: cannot build with Ruby 2.6.0
    • Justin M. Keyes's avatar
      Merge #9401 from justinmk/pr-win-erw7 · 725da1fe
      Justin M. Keyes authored
    • pierre's avatar
      appimage: Include metadata #9320 · 92806827
      pierre authored
      closes #9320
      closes #9128
    • Justin M. Keyes's avatar
      Merge #9335 from justinmk/doc · 1e8d2bdc
      Justin M. Keyes authored
    • Justin M. Keyes's avatar
      syntax/vim.vim: highlight <cmd> key · a10fdc70
      Justin M. Keyes authored
    • Justin M. Keyes's avatar
      help: Do not highlight "Nvim." · e83c0a26
      Justin M. Keyes authored
      This was added in 549311db for some reason, it usually just looks
    • Justin M. Keyes's avatar
      doc: Remove {Nvim} tag · e834660b
      Justin M. Keyes authored
      The purpose of the {Nvim} hint was not well-defined, and its usage
      inconsistent.  It's also unnecessary.
      Nvim-Vim differences are centralized at:
          :help vim-differences
      Removed things are centralized at:
          :help deprecated
      Developer guidelines for documentation are listed at:
          :help dev-doc
    • Justin M. Keyes's avatar
      doc · 4ba8266a
      Justin M. Keyes authored
      - CMake features
    • Justin M. Keyes's avatar
      win/TUI: ConEmu: get back_color_erase from terminfo · 5749ecaf
      Justin M. Keyes authored
      We already set back_color_erase in our builtin terminfo
      (terminfo_defs.h:conemu_terminfo), so we don't need to set it explicitly
      in patch_terminfo_bugs().
    • Justin M. Keyes's avatar
      cleanup: Remove os_term_is_nice() · 9ca836f8
      Justin M. Keyes authored
    • Justin M. Keyes's avatar
      refactor: Extract os_tty_guess_term() · 31a508cf
      Justin M. Keyes authored
      - Also remove feature-detection of uv_set_vterm_state(): instead, on
        Windows we always require libuv to have that function.
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      Merge pull request #9411 from jamessan/vim-8.1.0662 · fa518248
      James McCoy authored
      vim-patch:8.1.0662: needlessly searching for tilde in string
    • James McCoy's avatar
      vim-patch:8.1.0662: needlessly searching for tilde in string · 1e06c235
      James McCoy authored
      Problem:    Needlessly searching for tilde in string.
      Solution:   Only check the first character. (James McCoy, closes vim/vim#3734)
    • James McCoy's avatar
      Merge pull request #9409 from jamessan/vim-8.0.1469 · d4423457
      James McCoy authored
      [RFC] vim-patch:8.0.1469,8.0.1734,8.1.0353,8.1.0354
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