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    • ZyX's avatar
      eval/typval: Log list actions · 6a1557f2
      ZyX authored
      New logging is guarded by cmake LOG_LIST_ACTIONS define. To make it more
      efficient it is allocated as a linked list with chunks of length
      2^(7+chunk_num); that uses basically the same idea as behind increasing kvec
      length (make appending O(1) (amortized)), but reduces constant by not bothering
      to move memory around what realloc() would surely do: it is not like we need
      random access to log entries here to justify usage of a single continuous memory
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    • Justin M. Keyes's avatar
      api: api_info()['version'] · c5f5f427
      Justin M. Keyes authored
      API level is disconnected from NVIM version. The API metadata holds the
      current API level, and the lowest backwards-compatible level supported
      by this instance.
      Release 0.1.6 is the first release that reports the Nvim version and API
          metadata['version'] = {
            major: 0,
            minor: 1,
            patch: 6,
            api_level: 1,
            api_compatible: 0,
            api_prerelease: false,
      The API level may remain unchanged across Nvim releases if the API has
      not changed.
      When changing the API,
          - set NVIM_API_PRERELEASE to true
          - increment NVIM_API_LEVEL (at most once per Nvim version)
          - adjust NVIM_API_LEVEL_COMPAT if backwards-compatibility was broken
      api_level_0.mpack was generated from Nvim 0.1.5 with:
          nvim --api-info
  8. 26 Oct, 2016 1 commit
    • Rui Abreu Ferreira's avatar
      api: Nvim version, API level #5386 · f25797f8
      Rui Abreu Ferreira authored
      The API level is disconnected from the NVIM version. The API metadata
      holds the current API level, and the lowest backwards-compatible level
      supported by this instance.
      Release 0.1.6 will be the first release reporting the Nvim version and
      API level.
          metadata['version'] = {
            major: 0,
            minor: 1,
            patch: 6,
            prerelease: true,
            api_level: 1,
            api_compatible: 0,
      The API level may remain unchanged across Neovim releases if the API has
      not changed.
      When changing the API the CMake variable NVIM_API_PRERELEASE is set to
      true, and  NVIM_API_CURRENT/NVIM_API_COMPATIBILITY are incremented
      The functional tests check the API table against fixtures of past
      versions of Neovim. It compares all the functions in the old table with
      the new one, it does ignore some metadata attributes that do not alter
      the function signature or were removed since 0.1.5.  Currently the only
      fixture is 0.mpack, generated from Neovim 0.1.5 with nvim --api-info.
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    • John Szakmeister's avatar
      Fix be64toh() detection on BSDs. · d3a90430
      John Szakmeister authored
      This was noticed due to a user issue (#4750) when building Neovim 0.1.4
      via ports.  The crux of the issue is that we did not detect the
      be64toh() macro, because there is no endian.h on FreeBSD (along with
      several other BSDs).  So we were defaulting to our builtin version of
      be64toh().  However, it appears that sys/endian.h was being picked up by
      an include (likely msgpack.h) and so be64toh() was actually defined and
      corrupting our definition of it.
      So the answer here was to use the correct include file in our check, and
      export that information in the config.h.  Then we use that information
      to include the right header in shada.c.
      This fixes #4750.
  14. 23 Feb, 2016 1 commit
    • Jun T's avatar
      build: install *.mo into the "standard" directory · 1a15cf84
      Jun T authored
      Change POROJECT_NAME to 'nvim', and use it as the gettext
      domain name. The *.mo files, previously installed as
      $runtime/lang/xx/LC_MESSAGES/nvim.mo, are now installed as
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    • Rui Abreu Ferreira's avatar
      Windows: Implement os_setenv() using _putenv_s() · 810d31a4
      Rui Abreu Ferreira authored
      Windows does not have setenv(), instead the _putenv_s() function is used - added
      a function check and fatal errors. Implemented os_setenv() for Windows.
      Vim supports the original putenv() function if no alternative is available.
      Neovim only supports systems where safer alternatives exist, so the check for
      putenv() was removed from config/CMakeLists.txt.
  22. 05 Dec, 2015 1 commit
    • Michael Reed's avatar
      Remove "Commit:" field from `--version` output · 7be12edd
      Michael Reed authored
      If nvim is built from a non-tagged commit, the truncated commit hash is
      already appended to the main version string (e.g., "NVIM v0.1.0-83-g959f2601 ..."),
      making the "Commit:" field redundant.
      Regarding the truncated hash length: we don't have nearly enough commits
      to worry about collisions, and probably won't ever, so the default
      length should be fine.
  23. 02 Nov, 2015 1 commit
    • Justin M. Keyes's avatar
      build: Use `git describe` for version strings. · d0401b04
      Justin M. Keyes authored
      When building in a git repo:
        - If HEAD corresponds to an annotated tag, (i.e. git_get_exact_tag()
          returns truthy) the current build is considered a "release" build:
          NVIM_VERSION_MEDIUM is directly assigned the tagged version name,
          and NVIM_VERSION_* defines are ignored.
        - If HEAD is not a tagged release, then NVIM_VERSION_MEDIUM is
          directly assigned the result of `git describe`.
      If git (or the repo) is not available:
        - The NVIM_VERSION_* defines are used to define NVIM_VERSION_MEDIUM.
      Sample outputs for `nvim --version` and `nvim +version`:
          Building with git @ non-tagged commit e66df14:
            NVIM v0.1.0-1-ge66df14 (compiled Nov  1 2015 19:10:30)
            Commit: e66df148f9401be17adab324a6e41d927aae20b3
          Building with git @ v0.1.1 tag:
            NVIM v0.1.1 (compiled Nov  1 2015 19:03:52)
            [no "Commit:" line]
          Building this commit _not_ in a git repo:
            NVIM 0.1.0-dev (compiled Nov  1 2015 19:16:11)
            [no "Commit:" line]
  24. 01 Nov, 2015 2 commits
    • Michael Reed's avatar
      Remove useless FEAT_BROWSE ifdef · 0c54dc55
      Michael Reed authored
      The only thing this affected was the return value of
    • Florian Walch's avatar
      version: Prepare for releases. · a8302092
      Florian Walch authored
      * Hide commit information from --version if we can't find any (e.g. when
        building from tarball).
      To define a release in CMake, set NVIM_VERSION_PRERELEASE to "".
      This will modify --version output to:
          * Show annotated Git tag instead of commit hash (NVIM_VERSION_COMMIT).
          * Hide commit date (NVIM_VERSION_BUILD).
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  31. 21 May, 2015 2 commits
    • Rui Abreu Ferreira's avatar
      cmake: Remove unneeded platform checks · 99aacb14
      Rui Abreu Ferreira authored
      Removed unneeded platform checks from config/config.h.in and
      - HAVE_OSPEED and HAVE_UP_BC_PC were used by the old UI, and are
        no longer needed.
      - sigvec() was used as part of the signal handling code in os_unix.c, but it is
        no longer used in Neovim.
      - The function lstat() is no longer used, replaced with libuv.
    • Rui Abreu Ferreira's avatar
      Dont require setenv() in non Unix systems · 82c36970
      Rui Abreu Ferreira authored
      config/CMakeLists.txt failed with a fatal error if the functions
      setenv  could not be found, however this functions only exist in Unix
  32. 18 May, 2015 1 commit
  33. 29 Apr, 2015 1 commit
    • Florian Walch's avatar
      jemalloc: Force use of prefixed functions. · 8130eb11
      Florian Walch authored
      * Set JEMALLOC_NO_DEMANGLE to be able to use `je_*` functions,
        regardless of how jemalloc was compiled (--with-jemalloc-prefix)
      * Show jemalloc information in Neovim's version output.
      Resolve #2449.
  34. 14 Apr, 2015 1 commit
    • Rui Abreu Ferreira's avatar
      Implement os_unsetenv() · 71487a93
      Rui Abreu Ferreira authored
      - In UNIX systems where unsetenv() is available, it is used. Otherwise
        the variables are set with the empty string.
      - New check HAVE_UNSETENV for unsetenv()
      - Added unit test to env_spec.lua