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      version.c: update [ci skip] (#9275) · 82a92308
      Marvim the Paranoid Android authored
      vim-patch:8.0.0428: git and hg see new files after running tests
      vim-patch:8.0.0429: options test does not always test everything
      vim-patch:8.0.0430: options test fails or hangs on MS-Windows
      vim-patch:8.0.0436: running the options test sometimes resizes the terminal
      vim-patch:8.0.0488: running tests leaves an "xxx" file behind
      vim-patch:8.0.0585: test_options fails when run in the GUI
      vim-patch:8.1.0558: some MS-Windows instructions are outdated
      vim-patch:8.1.0565: asan complains about reading before allocated block
      vim-patch:8.1.0566: SGR not enabled for mintty because $TERM is "xterm"
      vim-patch:8.1.0567: error for NUL byte in ScreenLines goes unnoticed
      vim-patch:8.1.0568: error message for NUL byte in ScreenLines breaks Travis CI
      vim-patch:8.1.0577: tabpage right-click menu never shows "Close tab"
      vim-patch:8.1.0578: cannot disable arabic, rightleft and farsi in configure
      vim-patch:8.1.0587: GvimExt: realloc() failing is not handled properly
      vim-patch:8.1.0589: compilation error in gvimext.cpp
      vim-patch:8.1.0592: the libvterm tests are not run as part of Vim tests
      vim-patch:8.1.0593: illegal memory access in libvterm test
      vim-patch:8.1.0594: libvterm tests fail to run on Mac
      vim-patch:8.1.0595: libvterm tests are not run with coverage
      vim-patch:8.1.0597: cannot run test_libvterm from the top directory
      vim-patch:8.1.0598: indent tests may use the wrong Vim binary
      vim-patch:8.1.0605: running make in the top directory echoes a comment 
      vim-patch:8.1.0606: 'cryptmethod' defaults to a very old method
      vim-patch:8.1.0607: proto files are not in sync with the source code
      vim-patch:8.1.0608: coverals is not updating
      vim-patch:8.1.0609: MS-Windows: unused variable, depending on the Ruby version
      vim-patch:8.1.0610: MS-Windows ctags file list differs from Unix
      vim-patch:8.1.0616: NSIS installer is outdated
      vim-patch:8.1.0617: NSIS installer gets two files from the wrong directory
      vim-patch:8.1.0620: overuling CONF_ARGS from the environment no longer works
      vim-patch:8.1.0624: overuling CONF_ARGS from the environment still does not work
      vim-patch:8.1.0628: Compiler warning on MS-Windows.
      vim-patch:8.1.0635: Coverity complains about null pointer use
      vim-patch:8.1.0637: nsis file no longer used
      vim-patch:8.1.0646: cannot build with Ruby 2.6.0
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      doc · 4ba8266a
      Justin M. Keyes authored
      - CMake features
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      win/TUI: ConEmu: get back_color_erase from terminfo · 5749ecaf
      Justin M. Keyes authored
      We already set back_color_erase in our builtin terminfo
      (terminfo_defs.h:conemu_terminfo), so we don't need to set it explicitly
      in patch_terminfo_bugs().
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      cleanup: Remove os_term_is_nice() · 9ca836f8
      Justin M. Keyes authored
    • Justin M. Keyes's avatar
      refactor: Extract os_tty_guess_term() · 31a508cf
      Justin M. Keyes authored
      - Also remove feature-detection of uv_set_vterm_state(): instead, on
        Windows we always require libuv to have that function.
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      vim-patch:8.1.0662: needlessly searching for tilde in string · 1e06c235
      James McCoy authored
      Problem:    Needlessly searching for tilde in string.
      Solution:   Only check the first character. (James McCoy, closes vim/vim#3734)
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