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Music Player Daemon -
Copyright (C) 2003-2013 The Music Player Daemon Project
Copyright (C) 2003-2014 The Music Player Daemon Project
The following people have contributed code to MPD:
......@@ -16,6 +16,8 @@ gcc 4.6 or later -
clang 3.2 or later -
Any other C++11 compliant compiler should also work.
Boost 1.46 -
GLib 2.28 -
General-purpose utility library.
......@@ -117,6 +119,9 @@ For AdLib playback.
despotify -
For Spotify playback.
MP4v2 -
For MP4 playback. You will need FAAD2.
Optional Miscellaneous Dependencies
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ver 0.19 (2014/10/10)
* protocol
- new commands "addtagid", "cleartagid", "listfiles", "listmounts",
"listneighbors", "mount", "rangeid", "unmount"
- "lsinfo" and "readcomments" allowed for remote files
- "listneighbors" lists file servers on the local network
- "playlistadd" supports file:///
- "idle" with unrecognized event name fails
- "list" on album artist falls back to the artist tag
- "list" and "count" allow grouping
- new "search"/"find" filter "modified-since"
- "seek*" allows fractional position
- close connection after syntax error
* database
- proxy: forward "idle" events
- proxy: forward the "update" command
- proxy: copy "Last-Modified" from remote directories
- simple: compress the database file using gzip
- upnp: new plugin
- cancel the update on shutdown
* storage
- music_directory can point to a remote file server
- nfs: new plugin
- smbclient: new plugin
* playlist
- cue: fix bogus duration of the last track
- cue: restore CUE tracks from state file
- soundcloud: use https instead of http
- soundcloud: add default API key
* archive
- read tags from songs in an archive
* input
- alsa: new input plugin
- curl: options "verify_peer" and "verify_host"
- ffmpeg: update offset after seeking
- ffmpeg: improved error messages
- mms: non-blocking I/O
- nfs: new input plugin
- smbclient: new input plugin
* filter
- volume: improved software volume dithering
* decoder:
- vorbis, flac, opus: honor DESCRIPTION= tag in Xiph-based files as a comment to the song
- audiofile: support scanning remote files
- audiofile: log libaudiofile errors
- dsdiff, dsf: report bit rate
- dsdiff, dsf: implement seeking
- dsf: support DSD512
- dsf: support multi-channel files
- dsf: fix big-endian bugs
- dsf: fix noise at end of malformed file
- mpg123: support ID3v2, ReplayGain and MixRamp
- sndfile: support scanning remote files
- sndfile: support tags "comment", "album", "track", "genre"
- sndfile: native floating point playback
- sndfile: optimized 16 bit playback
- mp4v2: support playback of MP4 files.
* encoder:
- shine: new encoder plugin
* output
- alsa: support native DSD playback
- alsa: rename "DSD over USB" to "DoP"
- osx: fix hang after (un)plugging headphones
* threads:
- the update thread runs at "idle" priority
- the output thread runs at "real-time" priority
- increase kernel timer slack on Linux
- name each thread (for debugging)
* configuration
- allow playlist directory without music directory
- use XDG to auto-detect "music_directory" and "db_file"
* disable global Latin-1 fallback for tag values
* new resampler option using libsoxr
* ARM NEON optimizations
* install systemd unit for socket activation
* Android port
ver 0.18.16 (2014/09/26)
* fix DSD breakage due to typo in
......@@ -18,6 +96,7 @@ ver 0.18.14 (2014/09/11)
ver 0.18.13 (2014/08/31)
* protocol
- don't change song on "seekcur" in random mode
* decoder
- dsdiff, dsf: fix endless loop on malformed file
- ffmpeg: support ffmpeg/libav version 11
Music Player Daemon (MPD) - UPGRADING
Upgrading to 0.14
The filesystem character set is determined by GLib, if it is not
configured. GLib has an affinity towards UTF-8, while older MPD
versions used to choose ISO-Latin-1.
Upgrading to 0.13.0
JACK, Avahi, and libsamplerate have been added as optional dependencies.
FLAC/OggFLAC now supports the 1.1.3 API, and libmikmod 3.2.0 betas are
supported as well.
New mpd.conf parameters include zeroconf_name, samplerate_converter, and
gapless_mp3_playback. See the mpd.conf man page or updated mpconf.example for
more information on these parameters.
Support for the ID3v2 "Original Artist/Performer" tag has been added. Your
MP3s will need to be rescanned for these tags to be included in the database.
This can be done by running mpd --create-db.
Upgrading to 0.12.0
The ao_driver and ao_driver_options config parameters have been removed and
replaced with the audio_output config section. You will have to update your
config file to use this instead. See the mpd.conf man page or the new
mpdconf.example for details on specifying audio_output sections.
The db_file parameter is no longer optional. If you did not specify it in your
old config file then you will have to add it in order to run 0.12.0.
Support for OggFLAC and Musepack audio files has been added. Additionally,
scanning of MP3 files has been improved. To make use of these updates it is
highly recommended that you run mpd --create-db to recreate your entire
Upgrading to 0.11.0
The database format has changed a little bit, but in a backward compatible way.
This means that if you upgrade to 0.11.0 from 0.10.x, you do not need to make
any changes. However, if you downgrade back to 0.10.x, then you will need
to recreate your db.
The default port for MPD is now 6600, so update your mpd and client
configurations appropriately.
Upgrading to 0.10.0
All information is now stored in the db in UTF-8 format, and the character
set used for the filesystem is stored in the db. Thus, it is highly
recommended that you recreate the db. To do so, run mpd with the
"--create-db" command line option. Also, note that the filesystem
character set will be determined from your current locale settings.
If your locale settings are not the same as those used for the filesystem,
then use the config file parameter "filesystem_charset" to specify the
correct character set (this maybe necessary if you create the db with root).
Upgrading to 0.9.3
Wave support was added, so to have your wave files added, update the db (mpc
Also, song lengths are now stored in the db. To get this stuff
added to the db, you will need to recreate the db from scratch. To do this,
run mpd with the "--create-db" commandline option.
Upgrading to 0.9.0
The "stop_on_error" config parameter was removed, so be sure to remove this
parameter from your config file.
Upgrading to 0.8.x
If you have FLACs, then to have them added to your list of available music,
just use "update".
Upgrading from 0.5.x to 0.6.x
If you have not compiled MPD with "make ogg", then nothing is needed.
If you compiled with "make ogg", just use "update" (available via the phpMp
interface) to add your OGGs to MPD's list of available music.
......@@ -1151,9 +1151,12 @@ AC_SUBST([am__untar])
# Run this to set up the build system: configure, makefiles, etc.
# (at one point this was based on the version in enlightenment's cvs)
set -e
srcdir="`dirname $0`"
test -z "$srcdir" && srcdir=.
cd "$srcdir"
AM_VERSIONGREP="sed -e s/.*[^0-9\.]\([0-9]\.[0-9][0-9]*\).*/\1/"
AC_VERSIONGREP="sed -e s/.*[^0-9\.]\([0-9]\.[0-9][0-9]\).*/\1/"
VERSIONMKINT="sed -e s/[^0-9]//"
if test -n "$AM_FORCE_VERSION"
if test -n "$AC_FORCE_VERSION"
AC_VERSIONS='2.60 2.61'
rm -rf config.cache build
mkdir build
versioned_bins ()
needed_int=`echo $VERNEEDED | $VERSIONMKINT`
for i in $VERSIONS
i_int=`echo $i | $VERSIONMKINT`
if test $i_int -ge $needed_int
echo $bin-$i $bin$i $bin-$i_int $bin$i_int
echo $bin
for c in autoconf autoheader automake aclocal
uc=`echo $c | tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]'`
eval "val=`echo '$'$uc`"
if test -n "$val"
echo "$uc=$val in environment, will not attempt to auto-detect"
case "$c" in
printf "checking for $c ... "
for x in `versioned_bins $c`; do
($x --version < /dev/null > /dev/null 2>&1) > /dev/null 2>&1
if test $? -eq 0
echo $x
eval $uc=$x