Commit 29930dc9 authored by Andreas Bombe's avatar Andreas Bombe

update-ghdl-libraries: Add -fexplicit and -frelaxed-rules to default compile args

These options are required to compile some third-party libraries and are
also used in the upstream vendor library compile scripts.
parent 48704934
......@@ -213,7 +213,7 @@ def build_libraries(backend, specs, std):
destroot = librootdir / backend / std['subdir']
ghdl = 'ghdl-' + backend
common_args = ['-a', '-O', std['flag']]
common_args = ['-a', '-O', std['flag'], '-fexplicit', '-frelaxed-rules']
for spec in specs:
args = ['--work='+spec['work']]
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