Commit cc5f8851 authored by Vladimir Zhbanov's avatar Vladimir Zhbanov

Remove several obsolete files (BUGS and TODO).

parent 245888a9
This file will soon be filled with bugs. Right now I created it to
enable "make dist".
SUBDIRS = po src include lib design docs data
EXTRA_DIST = BUGS NOTES README ChangeLog ChangeLog-1.0 ToDos
EXTRA_DIST = NOTES README ChangeLog ChangeLog-1.0 ToDos
ChangeLog: $(top_builddir)/stamp-git
Most code cleanup things from gschem apply here too
tweak to gnetlist to add `instance-get-pins'
gnetlist gave the coordinates of the component it was unhappy with and
the component type.
Put code in that deals with the opening of a schematic twice...
Add more regression tests
Hierarchy support
OKAY separator configurable (char or string, or nothing)
OKAY append / prepend of tag
FOR DOCS no slotting on composits
FOR DOCS no net= attribute on composites
FOR DOCS hetrogenious slotting works if you have uniq pinlabels
DONE multiple sources for underlying schems
SEEMS TO WORK... many many levels of hierarchy?
Bugs (no particular order):
See gschem/BUGS for a more complete bug list.
Move libgeda bugs into this file.
Deleting top level schematics before the childern is a bad idea.
It's hard to reconnect them later. Fix this
SUBDIRS = po data docs include lib src scheme tests
EXTRA_DIST = HACKING BUGS ChangeLog ChangeLog-1.0 po/
EXTRA_DIST = HACKING ChangeLog ChangeLog-1.0 po/
pkgconfigdir = $(libdir)/pkgconfig
pkgconfig_DATA = liblepton.pc
Code cleanups (no particular order):
All of it. :-)
Including all code cleanups listed in ../gschem/TODO
Use the ascii code in all the font width specifiers (lib/sym/font)
Feature additions (no particular order):
Added text with bars (inverted labels)
Add support for subscripted text
Figure out how to rotate and mirror text in place. (for doing mirrors
on 90/270 to unmirrored 90/270 (and vs) correctly) (currently kludged)
Does it make sense to have attribute promotion with embedded
consolidate for buses?
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ SUBDIRS = \
po bitmap data docs examples include lib scheme scripts \
src tests
EXTRA_DIST = BUGS ChangeLog ChangeLog-1.0 icon-theme-installer
EXTRA_DIST = ChangeLog ChangeLog-1.0 icon-theme-installer
ChangeLog: $(top_builddir)/stamp-git
Bugs (no particular order):
Finished stuff:
SUBDIRS = po src include lib docs tests
EXTRA_DIST = BUGS ChangeLog ChangeLog-1.0
EXTRA_DIST = ChangeLog ChangeLog-1.0
ChangeLog: $(top_builddir)/stamp-git
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