Commit 5f718109 authored by Carsten Schoenert's avatar Carsten Schoenert

Remove file README.Debian

The old readme file was created in 2008 and is now obsolet with the move
over to the main repository.
parent 9b721714
ng-spice-rework for Debian
This is the non-free version of ngspice. The cider and documentation licenses
are considered to be non-free.
getopt.c, getopt1.c and getopt.h are removed since their GPL license is incompatible
with the rest. The rules file installs empty files in their place.
Xgraph has been removed from ngspice but it depends on the Debian Xgraph package.
Xgraph is removed because of licensing reasons but it is not enough to make
ngspice DFSG compatible.
The old documentation is included in this package but new is being written.
Please take a look at the homepage:
The directory /usr/share/doc/ngspice/contrib contains some scripts
that might be useful.
-- Gudjon I. Gudjonsson <> Sun, 14 Sep 2008 10:04:35 +0200
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