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    MSP430: Make the inclusion of run_*_array fns depend on defined assembler symbols · f811485f
    Jozef Lawrynowicz authored
    Many of the MSP430 crt functions (e.g. to initialize bss) are linked
    "dynamically", based on symbols defined in the program.
    The GNU assembler defines the symbols corresponding to the crt
    functions by examining the section names in the input file.
    If GCC has been configured with --enable-initfini-array, then
    .init_array and .fini_array will hold pointers to global
    constructors/destructors. These sections can also hold functions that
    need to be executed for other purposes.
    The attached patch puts the __crt0_run_{preinit,init,fini}_array and
    __crt0_run_array functions in their own object files, so they will
    only be linked when needed.
    Successfully regtested the DejaGNU GCC testsuite using the binutils and
    newlib changes together with GCC trunk configured with
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