Commit 8a46b8ed authored by Ken Brown's avatar Ken Brown

Cygwin: fhandler_termios::tcsetpgrp: check that argument is non-negative

Return -1 with EINVAL if pgid < 0.

Previously tcsetpgrp() would blindly go ahead and set the pgid of the
controlling terminal to a negative value, causing later calls to
various functions to fail.

For example, gdb has code like the following:

  tcsetpgrp (0, getpgid (inf->pid));

If getpgid (inf->pid) fails (returns -1), then this code would set the
pgid of fd 0 to -1, so that some later calls to getpgid() would also
return -1.  This caused the problem reported here:
parent 280b21d3
......@@ -69,6 +69,11 @@ fhandler_termios::tcsetpgrp (const pid_t pgid)
set_errno (EPERM);
return -1;
else if (pgid < 0)
set_errno (EINVAL);
return -1;
int res;
while (1)
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